Why do men need erection pills?

We all probably think that the answer to this question is straightforward. Men need erection drugs if they have a problem with it and want to have love. So they only have a problem “in the bedroom,” and it does not affect the other activities of their lives. But that is not true. This question offers many more answers; if you do not know which ones, read on.

Weak erection = weak self-confidence

Erectile dysfunction has a very significant impact on a man’s self-esteem. When she suffers from it, she feels inferior in a relationship, a job, everywhere. Also, he is frustrated, which can lead to aggression and depression. This can have a very negative effect on his relationships with people. Also, if he believes the myth: “The right guy can always and everywhere.” He doesn’t feel like a guy, but he feels like a dog. So it has a significant and negative impact on his life.

Partner problem

A man whose erection does not work has a problem with love. We all know that. But is the relationship only threatened in this one area? Definitely not. Such a man does not want to admit his problem at first. He prefers to avoid love with his partner. She’s afraid he’ll fail again. In such a case, the woman can think of usually one thing, and that is that the man is unfaithful to her. And a severe and untrue suspicion is in the world. So the man will decide and try to have love with her. But his nightmares will come true; they will really fail. The woman thinks it’s because she doesn’t attract him anymore. But this is not always true.

Erection drugs – a simple solution

It’s really easy. Fildena 100 and Fildena 150 are medications for erection in the form of tablet. You don’t have to go for any tests. You can buy them without a prescription. They are affordable and without side effects. This is due to their natural composition. It is inconceivable that such a simple solution can solve so many serious problems. But it is so. After using them, your erection will work again. 

Subsequently, your self-confidence and relationship will improve; your partner will not be bothered by unnecessary and untrue thoughts. You will feel better at work, in a relationship with people. Your whole life will be the same again as before. And all thanks to them. We already know that erectile dysfunction in men brings problems in almost every area of ​​life. But there is no need to worry. Fortunately, we also learned how to solve them all quickly.

Erection and physical health

Perhaps everyone a little physically knowledgeable knows what this term means. Respectively, he knows what such an erection looks like in humans. But he may no longer know that achieving and maintaining an erection is a fairly complex process involving many factors. 

Erection occurs due to axillary bodies, which are formed by spongy tissue. During physical arousal, these bodies fill with arterial blood, thereby erecting and lengthening the organ. During intimate arousal, rapid breathing, an accelerated heart rate, and also increased blood pressure occur. The erection center sends a signal to the arteries. They then load the blood where it is needed. You can affect your erection to some extent by your will and physical ideas, but it is also an automatic reflex. The center of the erection is in the midbrain. The spinal cord controls the reflexes. Perhaps every man has sometimes been worried about whether his erection is sufficient. A balanced diet is essential for good erection. She shouldn’t be too fat. The most famous helper for quality erection is zinc. It causes an increase in the production of male hormones and sperm. You can take it in the form of zinc-enriched vitamins or take it in some foods. Foods high in zinc are:

  • Liver
  • Pea
  • Bean
  • Seafood

Let’s face it. Love, and therefore erection, is essential for a quality relationship. If erectile dysfunction occurs, partners may engage in non-coital activities (manual irritation or oral love). However, this is usually not enough for them in the long run. Failure to have a good erection can cause:

Decreased self-confidence and confidence of a man

  • Depression
  • Disagreements in the partnership
  • Decreased self-confidence of a woman

If you have erection problems even though your diet is balanced, try vigora 100 or Fildena 120. A quality product that will make you a man again. Have a hard and prolonged erection also that will allow you to enjoy your love life fully!

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